Brushing cleans the visible surfaces of your teeth, flossing cleans the surfaces in between teeth that your tooth brush cannot access. Proper flossing will remove any plaque or food left trapped in between teeth and is essential in promoting good oral hygiene.  All too many people lack in this area of keeping the mouths and teeth clean.  When you don’t floss you are leaving behind plaque that promotes tooth decay, gum disease, bone loss and bad breath.  Do yourself a favor and take a minute or two to floss your teeth once a day as the ADA recommends.  Proper flossing technique is demonstrated to the right in the figures.  Use a 14-18 inch piece of floss to securely wrap it around your fingers and form a C shape around each tooth and move the floss in an up and down motion while wrapped around the tooth.  Ask your hygienist for a demonstration at your next cleaning if you feel you are not flossing properly.

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