Bozeman Restorative Care

Composite Restorations:

Tooth Colored Fillings: Dental composite resin restorations are more commonly called “Tooth-Colored Fillings.” These are a GREAT alternative to metal fillings. What are the advantages to a composite resin filling?

They can repair a broken or decayed tooth and make the tooth look like it never had a problem!

They are long lasting! This material has taken great leaps and bounds in recent years. This material is designed to be strong enough to withstand everyday use while still having great looks.

The bond between the tooth colored filling and the natural tooth structure is beneficial to the tooth in that it supports the natural tooth and helps to prevent future fractures of the tooth.

Tooth colored fillings are more conservative of natural tooth structure by allowing the dentist to only remove the part of the tooth that is broken or decayed.

Tooth colored fillings can be placed to repair decayed or broken teeth. They can also be used to replace silver colored fillings for aesthetic reasons if the patient wishes to do so!