Oral Cancer

Every year, 46,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer and of that 8,500 will die every year with little over half diagnosed alive after 5 years. Those are some scary statistics! Whether you are seeing Taniisha for a cleaning or Dr. Moos for an exam, we will be looking for anything suspicious. Oral cancer has many appearances to it but things you can look for yourself are color changes of tissues, abnormal swellings or sores, sores that bleed and never heal, lumps, bumps, rough patches, painful areas or numb areas. Some of the most common areas to look are the lower lip and sides of the tongue. If you notice something that seems out of place give Dr. Moos a call and schedule a consult exam to have him take a look. This is definitely a time when the earlier a pathological lesion is found the better chance we have to stop it and get you back to complete health.