Bozeman Bad Breath Care


Have you ever been guilty of having bad breath?  Most of us have had embarrassing  bad breath at one point or another.  Bad breath can be produced from multiple sources and can be any early sign of a bigger problem.  Mints and gum only mask the issue of foul smelling breath.  To address bad breath properly the first thing you should be doing is making sure you have a quality oral hygiene routine of brushing twice daily, flossing once a day and cleaning your tongue and cheeks.  In addition to your daily oral hygiene routine you should be seeing a dentist every six months for a professional cleaning and exam.  Bad breath can be an indicator for bigger issues such as decay, infections or gum disease.  These issues are caught at your dental exam and can be addressed to solve not only that problem but the chronic bad breath that goes along with it.  If you struggle with bad breath on a regular basis ask your dental professional at your next appointment what you can do to cure the problem.